Micron launched a consumer -grade NVMe solid -state hard drive with 232 layers of 3D NAND flash memory structure

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Micron Technology has announced the launch of the Micron 3500 NVMe solid-state drive, designed to support demanding workloads such as commercial applications, scientific computing, cutting-edge gaming, and content creation, leveraging its impressive 232-layer NAND technology. Sporting an M.2 form factor, the Micron 3500 SSD offers a maximum capacity of 2TB and delivers a notable 71% performance improvement according to SPECwpcsm benchmarks, promising a superior user experience compared to its competitors.

Prasad Alluri, Vice President and General Manager of Client Storage at Micron, stated, “The 3500 SSD boasts impressive specifications, exhibiting a remarkable 132% improvement in scientific computing benchmark scores. It will transform your next PC or workstation into a powerful force driving insight and enhanced creativity.”

Storage has never been more crucial for gaming, content creation, and emerging client-side AI experiences. As game graphics continue to become more immersive, the size of game files increases, resulting in longer loading times. Client-side AI applications require fast data access to augment the user experience.

Key highlights of the Micron 3500 SSD include:

  • Gamers can elevate their gaming experience with the Micron 3500 SSD, which boasts a 38% speed increase in loading times for large and latest games such as “Valorant.”
  • The Micron 3500 SSD supports DirectStorage, a feature that further accelerates loading times for supported games.
  • Content creators working with native 4K and 8K videos and seeking faster rendering and editing can utilize the Micron 3500 SSD for quicker file loading and editing.
  • According to the PCMark 10 benchmark suite, the Micron 3500 SSD offers up to 36% increased bandwidth, a 38% boost in access speeds, and an overall 37% higher performance compared to similar solid-state drives.
  • The Micron 3500 has already started shipping to select PC OEM manufacturers, expanding Micron’s comprehensive portfolio of solid-state drives targeting creators, including the Crucial X9 Pro and Crucial X10 Pro portable SSDs.
CategoryPerformance PCs and Notebooks
ModelMicron 3500
Form FactorM.2 (22 x 80mm)
InterfacePCle Gen4, NVMe 2.0
Sequential Read(MB/s)7,0007,0007,000
Sequential Write(MB/s)5,1006,9007,000
Random Read (1OPS)6801,0501,150
Random Write (IOPS)7001,1501,150
Read Latency (TYP)50us50us50us
Write Latency (TYP)12us12us12us
MTTF (Million Hours)222
Sleep/PS4 Power(mW)<5<5<5
Active ldle Power(mW)<400<400<400
PCle Gen4 Active Read Power (mW)<8,250<8,250<8,250
Advanced Features6th Generation 3D 232-layer TLC NAND
Hardware-based AES 256-bit encryption 12
Power-loss protection (data at rest)
Host-controlled thermal management
Performance enhancing acceleratedcaching
Thermal S.M.A.R.T. via SMBus
Basic management commend (BMC)
FW activate without reset
Sanitize block and crypto erase
Power-loss signal support
TCG Opal 2.02, TCG Pyrite 2.01

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